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Are you really interested in a career in Operations?
Getting a job in ‘operations’ is very different from getting a job in ‘sales’ as:
• You get judged on your technical knowledge during the interview.
• Companies look for a different set of qualities in ‘operations’ candidates.

program details

program details

The ‘Banking and Insurance Operations’ course has been designed with the objective of imparting three key skills:

• Technical knowledge of banking and insurance products and processes.
• Internal and external customer-handling skills.
• Cross-selling skills.

Training is imparted for 75 hours spread over 25 days, and which involves classroom interactive training, audio visual presentations, role plays and games.

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benefits for you

You can appear for interviews for the following banking and insurance profiles:

• Cashiers/ tellers
• Query desk/personal bankers
• Operations processes
• Branch operations
• Customer service

The starting salaries for banking and insurance operations range from
Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month
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enrollment details

We are currently undertaking enrollments for the following batches:
Morning Batch: Batches are full till Jan'09
Evening Batch: Batches are full till Jan'09
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