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The Debt Recovery sector is growing by more than 100% every year!
Become a collection agent for a bank and have a high-growth career!
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) wants every collection agent to:
1. Take 100 hours of training from an IIBF accredited institute and
2. Pass an exam from IIBF.
Avsarr has been accredited by IIBF to undertake this 100-hour training.

program details

To start your career as a successful collections agent – you have to complete 100 hours of training at the Avsarr Training Academy. In the training program, you will learn the following:

..Module A......
• Basics of Banking
• Principles of Banking
• Structure and Functions of Banking
• Retail of Banking
• Recent trends
• E Banking
• KYC Norms

..Module B......
• Recovery Procedures
• Recovery agents‐role‐functions
• Bank specific rules/norms/procedures for recovery‐ NPA norms
• Various credit products/ facilities
dra book
• Legal/ regulatory aspects‐ civil and criminal law relating to recovery
• Debt c ollection skills/procedures/pre requisite/appearance
• Ethics in collection & selling function
• Recovery of loans‐ bank procedures‐ banking codes
• Case studies‐ normal/difficult//problem customers
• Case laws on recovery issues
• International best practices
• Code of conduct

..Module C......
• Soft skills
• Communication skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Telephone etiquette
• Personal etiquette
• Negotiation skills
• Persuasive skills
• Analytical ability
• Interpersonal behaviour

• The exam is held every month
• Exam questions will be in multiple choice format
• Passing marks of 50% are required to clear the test

Our faculty has a rich experience in banking & finance.

..Minimum Qualification......
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benefits for you

• Debt collection is one of the fastest growing industries in India
(estimated growth rate of 100% every year).
• Debt collection agent for a bank is a respectable job.
• There is an acute shortage of agents who have taken the training
and cleared the test.

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enrollment details

Batches are available for both part-time and full-time.

Part-time batch:
4 hours a day – 25 days program.
Options for morning, afternoon and evening batches are available

Full-time batch:
8 hours a day- 15 days program.

..What you should do........
Step 2: Appear in examination conducted by IIBF (once every month).
Step 3: Pass with an aggregate of 50% marks.
Step 4: Get a certificate from Avsarr Finance Academy and IIBF.

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