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Avsarr article 05 Feb'09 - Mint
When Gunjan Aggarwal launched her training and placements start-up Avsarr Quest Pvt. Ltd with two friends in April 2007, it was just the three of them. And 12 interns. With little money but a lot of contacts, she recruited commerce and English students from University of Delhi and taught them everything, from how to answer a phone to how to conduct market research.

“I would talk to professionals in the industry with 15 years of experience and (developed the) confidence to talk to people about everything,” says Nishca Arora, an Avsarr intern. “Today, if I was made to stand in front of the CEO, I won’t be afraid to even say ‘hi’, which earlier I would have been.”

Avsarr article 01 Mar'09 - Mint

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